Monday, February 2, 2009

How to remove pine needles from your screens

Pine trees may look great in your property and provide refreshing shade during a hot Florida summer day. But, they can also be a nuisance.

Pine needles have a tendency to get stuck on screens and clog rain gutters, causing expensive and frequent repairs.

There are a few things that you can do to resolve this problem:

Prevent pine needles from getting stuck on your screens:

  • If getting rid of your pine trees is not an option, try to trim branches close to or above the screen enclosure, that will reduce the amount of needles falling on top of your cage.
  • Use a blower to remove the ones that are on top of the screen, but not yet stuck.

Remove pine needles from your screens:

  • You can do it manually, but that can be dangerous.
  • Use a Screen Maid roller, similar to a lint roller. (
  • Use a Pine Comb, tool similar to a rake, but designed to pick up pine needles. (
Install screens with smaller holes (20x20 screen):

  • If your screen enclosure is in need of a rescreen, consider using 20x20 screen instead of regular 18x14. The smaller holes on this type of screen will prevent most pine needles from getting stuck.

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